Client Feedback

Lauren Guinn

Jon Hart is hands-down the best vendor to work with on promotional items. He is very personable, has a deep understanding and knowledge of the space, very detailed, quick turnaround time and always fair and competitive in his pricing. I’ve worked with Jon for over a decade and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a vendor.
marin-web-design-32 ratings-343 Marketing Director @ The Active Network

Jamison (Jamie) Blair

Not only is Jon Hart a fantastic guy, he has a ton of knowledge and experience in his field. We are not Jon’s biggest client, but he took a great deal of time with us, and got us motivated with a personalized marketing program. He was on time, proactive, and trustworthy. Jon, thanks for making us feel like we were your number one client!
marin-web-design-32 ratings-343 Top Agent @ Tahoe Real Estate

Rebecca Brentnell

Jon knows his products and always delivered super service and on time. He is reliable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with.
marin-web-design-32 ratings-343 Manager, Corporate Security @ E*TRADE Financial

Patrick Browne

JR Hart comes through, every time! Jon is an incredibly valuable resource for us and our clients. And, he doesn’t charge monthly or annual retainer fees, which allows us to call on him whenever we need to brainstorm a new project. That helps me sleep at night.
marin-web-design-32 ratings-343 President @ Browne Inc.

Jane LeMay, CNSA

I have known Jon for over twelve years, and find him to be a true professional who cares about his customers. He listens to customer needs, and is tenacious about delivering the highest quality products and/or solutions in line with their requests. Jon is incredibly innovative in his approach to helping his customers find the best promotion and solution.
marin-web-design-32 ratings-343 Meetings | Special Events | Training | Event Management Software Consultant within the hotel event industry
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