Earth Day April 22

JRH-Portfolio-1176 Earth Day April 22 Nothing builds morale for something we all want – to save the Earth – more emphatically than a simple Earth Day promotion saying you are in with both feet. It’s a public relations gold mine. Suggested items include recycled pens/notebooks, bamboo coaster sets, or flip flops made from recycled tires. We have corn pens, pens made from water bottles, and BPA-free bottles to save plastic bottle usage from increasing.

Well rounded Lip Balm

Need a great gift under $1? I keep a rounded lip balm on my desk instead of in it because it’s fashionable, and that means lots of eyeballs on a logo’d item. Just a thought when you are considering your next trade show booth giveaway.

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Why I love my job

Dear Jon:
 I’m writing to thank you for the terrific support you provided for our Snowflake event this past Tuesday at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. 23 widows and over 70 kids were treated to a wonderful day because of your generosity. We had gift bags for each of the kids, a picnic lunch, a special show at the Sea Lion Stadium where each child got to pet the sea lion, and a day of unlimited rides and attractions at the park. Tuesday was a very special occasion when these families could get together, relax and simply have a great time. The t-shirts, lanyards, sunblock and gift-bag goodies from Clif were epic!
 I’m attaching some pictures from the event as well as a link from the Vallejo Times Herald where you can learn more:
 Thanks again Jon; we can never do enough for the families of our fallen military heroes. On behalf of Snowball Express and especially our families here in Northern California, I wish you and Stacy all the best!
 Kind Regards,

Clay L.
 Vice President, Marketing
 Green Beans Coffee Company
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